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How to use

I built this tool so I can quickly score text or image items.

For example, I use it to…

The workflow is quick and easy:

  1. Paste in lines of text. You can also use image URLs instead.
  2. Score your items as they are presented to you, on a scale of "1" (worst) to "5" (best). Items scored "1" will be discarded. For all others, the selected label will be applied. For quick and easy scoring, place your fingers on the keys 1-4 on the number row of your keyboard. For label "5", which is usually reserved for outstandingly good data points, simply move your index finger. As an alternative to the numbers row, you can also use the keys A-G. ESC lets you go back a step when you made a mistake.
  3. When you're done, you can download your annotated data as a JSON file. Downloading is also possible with a dataset that is only partially annotated.

Your data does not leave the browser. All processing happens locally.